Guide to happiness, for dummies (and design lovers)

Ah, the pursuit of happiness. A source of much philosophising over many centuries – when it’s all dead easy, really. Luckily, designers Alex Koplin and David Meiklejohn have laid down a super straightfoward guide for seekers of happiness on a very pretty poster. Available from Moodgadget.

The geeky girl’s Xmas gift guide, part 2: Kitchen Goddess

Christmas is drawing nearer, it’s freezing out there…about time for the second round of our gift guide! We love our food, and some of us love to make it too, so this part is all about things that will look shiny under the tree and also add some awesome points to a lucky person’s kitchen….

Na na na na na na na na na na na na BATMAAAAAAAAAAN!

Ok, now how awesome is this?! You can be all snug and comfy on the sofa and still feel like a superhero. Just throw on this Slanket-inspired blanket which comes with sleeves, allowing you to carry out vital missions such as changing the channel or eating cake while staying nice and warm. Amazon doesn’t actually…

Urban prettification

Let’s start the week with some urban art from Germany: The They Live project, by a chap called Timm Schneider, shows what a difference a pair of eyes (and a cookie) can make. Me love! Check out the project it its full awesomeness on ich bin KONG.

Leaping through literature. Literally.

It’s the first of December: no longer can the daunting prospect of Christmas shopping be reasonably ignored. And like any good geek girl, I do this entirely online, which inevitably results in finding more things for myself than any (un)deserving friends or family. This year is no different. Behold the essential gift for any Portal…

Hands off my lunch!

Now here’s something handy. If you’re sick of your sandwiches mysteriously disappearing from the fridge, suffer no more. These anti-theft lunch bags with yucky green-ish smudges printed on both sides will certainly probably repel greedy colleagues or flatmates and protect your lovingly prepared lunch. Get 25 bags for $7.99 from perpetual kid.

The geeky girl’s Xmas gift guide, part 1: Office Santa

December is nearly upon us, it’s finally cold enough to get that wintery feeling (over here in the UK anyway), and it’s time to start worrying about all those Christmas gifts we have to buy. To make life a bit easier – or at least offer some inspiration for your next virtual shopping trip –…

Internet kitten magic

Whether you’re writing for a living, agonising over your latest coursework assignment, or just bored of replying to endless emails, Written? Kitten! takes the pain away by showing you a new cat picture for every 100 words you type. Because we all know that kittens are the answer to every problem in life. Image via…

Awesome infographics: Every minute on the internet

Okay, so the internet is really, really big. Duh. We all know that, but somebody has put some figures on it and wrapped it up prettily in this little infographic here. So, apparently ALL THIS STUFF happens every minute on the internet: Click image for full size. Via.

Master plan for world domination

Put up awesome retro poster above my desk Employ coffee-making minion Take over the world Get it for $16 from Etsy.