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Note to self: Learn to knit

This Cute of the Week is just another reminder that knitting is totally rock ‘n roll, and that I totally need to learn it: Boo the Bat – knitting pattern available from Mochimochi Land.

This is why I don’t have a Kindle (yet).

One word: BOOKSHELF. If you haven’t bookmarked Bookshelf Porn it as your browser homepage yet, do it now.

Guide to happiness, for dummies (and design lovers)

Ah, the pursuit of happiness. A source of much philosophising over many centuries – when it’s all dead easy, really. Luckily, designers Alex Koplin and David Meiklejohn have laid down a super straightfoward guide for seekers of happiness on a very pretty poster. Available from Moodgadget.

Urban prettification

Let’s start the week with some urban art from Germany: The They Live project, by a chap called Timm Schneider, shows what a difference a pair of eyes (and a cookie) can make. Me love! Check out the project it its full awesomeness on ich bin KONG.