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Add a word, have some fun.

Sometimes all you need in life is a new twitter trend. Such as #addawordruinamovie. @SteveStreza: “Software Pirates of the Caribbean” @TheevulGekneeu: “The Lion, The Witch and the IKEA Wardrobe” @Jamey_Giddens:  “The Sound of Elevator Music” @realpilotpriest: “Casual Friday the 13th” @tatiana: “Tax Return of the Jedi” @kevinmarks: “Adobe Flashdance” @LizGillies: “The Pregnant Hobbit: An Unexpected…

Internet kitten magic

Whether you’re writing for a living, agonising over your latest coursework assignment, or just bored of replying to endless emails, Written? Kitten! takes the pain away by showing you a new cat picture for every 100 words you type. Because we all know that kittens are the answer to every problem in life. Image via…

Awesome infographics: Every minute on the internet

Okay, so the internet is really, really big. Duh. We all know that, but somebody has put some figures on it and wrapped it up prettily in this little infographic here. So, apparently ALL THIS STUFF happens every minute on the internet: Click image for full size. Via.