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Guide to happiness, for dummies (and design lovers)

Ah, the pursuit of happiness. A source of much philosophising over many centuries – when it’s all dead easy, really. Luckily, designers Alex Koplin and David Meiklejohn have laid down a super straightfoward guide for seekers of happiness on a very pretty poster. Available from Moodgadget.

Leaping through literature. Literally.

It’s the first of December: no longer can the daunting prospect of Christmas shopping be reasonably ignored. And like any good geek girl, I do this entirely online, which inevitably results in finding more things for myself than any (un)deserving friends or family. This year is no different. Behold the essential gift for any Portal…

Master plan for world domination

Put up awesome retro poster above my desk Employ coffee-making minion Take over the world Get it for $16 from Etsy.

Hold the blanket fort!

It’s a lazy autumn Sunday, we’re just winding down from the Bonfire Night action, the roast still wants another couple of hours in the oven, and we’re kind of in the mood for something chilled out and cozy. You know what this calls for… PILLOW FIGHT!!! Pick your weapons from this fantabulous set of naptime…

All you need to know about my job

I could go on a massive rant now about IT and budget policies at my workplace and how it means that nobody has the computer and/or equipment that is a minimum requirement for them to be able to do their daily work. But thanks to the people at ThinkGeek I can just present to you…

The boss mug

LOL.. just.. LOL.. Pimp your mug, courtesy of ThinkGeek.

Home Improvement

Okay, so I may be less of a girly-girl than most of my fellow geek girls here. In fact (and I really know this for a fact) I rank much higher on the home improvement score than most of the men I know. I’m like Tim Taylor meets Jill meets Xena. Yes, that’s me. New…

Get the picture?

The genii over at ThinkGeek have launched what they claim to be the first ever analogue digital photoframe. Instead of a slideshow of all your digital photos, this photoframe takes the old-fashioned approach with plain old glass (the analogue part), but surrounds your photograph with a Mac software window (the digital part). The photoframe, called…