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This is why I don’t have a Kindle (yet).

One word: BOOKSHELF. If you haven’t bookmarked Bookshelf Porn it as your browser homepage yet, do it now.

Leaping through literature. Literally.

It’s the first of December: no longer can the daunting prospect of Christmas shopping be reasonably ignored. And like any good geek girl, I do this entirely online, which inevitably results in finding more things for myself than any (un)deserving friends or family. This year is no different. Behold the essential gift for any Portal…

Light a fire, reading just got cooler

The Kindle2, OK so it’s not new – but Amazon just dropped the price and opened their whispernet internationally. So I, a wee little lass in Australia, can even have one. I logged on to Amazon using my mobile phone one day, bought the Kindle2 and had it in less than 48 hours. How’s that…