Geek chic, gadgets and stuff we love

The formula is simple: We bring you stuff that girls like, and stuff that geeks like. ’cause we’re a bit of both (girl and geek that is), and we love pretty heels and a good make-up tip as much as we crave gadgets and the odd nerdy toy.

This is a place for all the little things that bring a smile to our face, cause the occasional outbreak of “WANT!”, or just add a bit of sparkle to our day.

Love being a girl. And embrace your inner geek.

One Response to Geek chic, gadgets and stuff we love

  1. I so need to update my site :) I need to put some effort into my site so it’s not just a stale family photobook with a really outdated blog.

    I suspect this site is the making of a particular german girly geek (or geeky girl? hmm :) ), who enjoys a bit of sparkle as much as the next girl :p

    Me likey! Me want to play! :p

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