Why bacon is the only advertising strategy you’ll ever need to sell your product

(Image via SomeEcards)

One of our fellow lady geeks in the office came across Bakon Vodka, and while looking at their very catchy tagline we were enlightened by the realisation that the word “bacon” works in pretty much every brand tagline we can think of.

So, whatever it is you’re selling, simply add bacon and save yourself a lot of advertising money.

It’s genius! It works! Bacon makes everything better!

And just in case you need proof…

It works for fast food:
Subway Eat bacon.
McDonald’s I’m lovin’ bacon.
KFC Finger lickin’ bacon.

And for sport brands:
Adidas Impossible is bacon.
Nike Just bacon.

And even for the big guys:
Microsoft Be what’s bacon.
Apple Think bacon.
Samsung Inspire the world. Create bacon.

It sells mobiles, TV and the Internet:
Orange The future’s bright, the future’s bacon.
Sky Believe in bacon.
Google Don’t be bacon.
Virgin Bacon up.

And banking:
Mastercard There’s some things money can’t buy. For everything else there’s bacon.
HSBC The world’s local bacon.

It even makes sweets better:
Skittles Taste the bacon.
KitKat Have a break. Have a bacon.
Malteasers The lighter way to enjoy bacon.

It gives make-up some extra glamour:
Rimmel Get the bacon look.
L’Oreal Because you’re bacon.
CoverGirl Easy, breezy, beautiful bacon.
Maybelline Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s bacon.

And adds some fizz to drinks:
Coca-Cola Have a coke and bacon.
Coca-Cola Live on the bacon side of life.
Coca-Cola Share a bacon this summer.
Red Bull It gives you bacon.
Carlsberg Probably the best bacon in the world.

It even sells cars:
Honda The power of bacon.
BMW The ultimate bacon machine.

Supermarkets from budget to posh benefit from it:
Waitrose Everyone deserves quality food. Everyone deserves bacon.
Sainsburys Try some new bacon today.
Sainsburys Live well for bacon.
Tesco Every bacon helps.
Iceland Because mums are bacon.

Jeans look so much better:
Calvin Klein Jeans Nothing comes between me and my bacon.

And finally:
Disneyland The happiest place on bacon.
Barack Obama Yes We Can… Bacon.

Told you. It works.