Quick Robin, fetch me my Hipster-Repllent-Bat-Dress!

If only, I often think, there were some way to convey to random strangers my complete and utter devotion to all things geek, yet also maintain my unusual and peculiar obsession with pretty dresses. And lace. Oh won’t somebody please find a way to combine these two divisive parts of my personality? Some method of giving people fair warning of my liability to descend into mad rantings about the lack of audible dialogue in the leaked Dark Knight Rises prologue footage at any given moment, while also letting me swoosh around like a fairy? Anyone?

Batman always did have good dress sense.


Fear not, The Vintage Doctor is here to heal all your nerdy fashion woes. And the clothes are custom-made to fit your figure too, so there’s no good reason not to get one – unless a little thing like the $185 price tag puts you off, but who can put a price of geek chic? Of course, there are other many other nerdy themes to choose from if Batman isn’t your thing (in which case, have you seen The Dark Knight? What’s wrong with you?) – from The Little Mermaid to The Nightmare Before Christmas.

And, of course: Star Wars.