Get it in ink

Wacom’s Inkling pen is the perfect post-christmas present to yourself if you have fond memories of drawing doodles in class and showing them off.

As adults, fewer people appreciate our doodled masterpieces, but there is hope for those wanting to transform overnight from a doodler into a (commercially paid) artist/graphic designer.

You can doodle your way to artistic professionalism in normal pen and ink during meetings, and Inkling’s pen will record your movements, so you only need to upload the recorded digital image which you can then manipulate into a masterpiece.

By giving you freedom to roam and draw in ink as usual, Inkling lets you become friends with Photoshop gradually, even if you cringe at the mere mention of a ‘layer’.

Okay, if layering is your thing, Inkling allows you to record your drawing as virtual ‘layers’. Even though you are working on the same paper in ink, you can rearrange or delete parts of your work virtually later. Trippy. has it for pre-order, priced at around £150.