Rock ‘n Roll tea party: Skullcandy cupcakes

This past weekend I made the ultimate surprise purchase of awesome: Skull and crossbones shaped ice cube moulds! (Made even more awesome by the fact that they were only a quid each, from Poundland.)

The thought of frozen water did not even cross my mind, of course. When I spot something like funky shaped ice cube moulds, my one and only though is… FUNKY CHOCOLATES!

Like these:

And since I was in the mood for experimental baking anyway, my skullcandy chocolates ended up on top of white chocolate cupcakes with boozy blackberry and sloe gin icing.

I have also decided that 2012 will be the Year of the Experimental Cupcake. Lined up for phase 2 are penguin shaped ice cube moulds and blue food colouring. So stay tuned.